Wills in Milnrow

Wills in Milnrow When you need advice and assistance regarding wills in Milnrow, get it from an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable source, like Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors. As family law specialists, we provide a range of services to clients across all areas in this sector. Being a smaller local firm, we are able to provide a more personalised service to clients who need advice and advocacy in areas like divorce, pre-nuptial, co-habitee and separation agreements, ancillary relief, child custody and maintenance matters, change of name for children and adults, foreign weddings, property disputes, parental and step parental responsibility. Regarding wills and final testaments, we can help clients with applying for probate and all claims regarding death of persons who have left no will.

Most people avoid or put off making a will, for various reasons. In Milnrow, wills may not be a priority for many people unless they are anxious about the disposal and equitable distribution of their wealth after their own lifetime. However, today it has become increasingly important to specify how exactly people want their assets divided up. Family relationships and dynamics are much more fluid nowadays. People may have multiple partners and children, same-sex relationships, live-in partners, charities, friends and acquaintances whom they wish to give assets or property to. Under such circumstances, they may not wish to have disputes among these people. They may also have certain wishes regarding their own funeral arrangements, or burial.

Wills in Milnrow may also be required when there are children under 18 who are beneficiaries. A legal guardian or executor may have to be appointed and we can advise our clients about appointment of such persons. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can assist you with selection of executors, based on their financial and ethical qualities. Ideally, these executors have to be consulted before they’re entrusted with the duties, especially if there is a trust, overseas properties, a business or considerable responsibilities involved. Using the services of a good solicitor can save beneficiaries in the will from a lot of stress and confusion. Couples may wish to make a joint will. Contact us for more information and advice.