When You Need Advice on Separation Agreements in Heywood, Speak to the Experts

Separation Agreements in HeywoodDrafting equitable separation agreements in Heywood is possible when you have the advice and assistance of a reputed, experienced solicitor. Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors are specialists in Family Law and we also help clients with Wills and Probates, and Power of Attorney matters. We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of the UK and have been serving the local communities for several years. Our founder, Sarah Dixon, specialises in all aspects of Family Law and is a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Accreditation Scheme. We also provide professional services to elderly clients.

It’s  important to have the right legal advice when in situations where relationships break down. In Heywood, separation agreements are a good alternative when you haven’t yet made up your mind about divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. It is a document that sets out in writing the financial arrangements that have to be  made between the separating couple. It can cover aspects like who pays the bills, rent, mortgage, who is entitled to retain the family home and stay there, the equitable distribution of liabilities, debts, assets, loans and overdrafts, savings, and investments. Separation agreements can also help couples decide on who gets to keep vehicles, furniture, and artwork that were bought jointly. Childcare arrangements, access and support are another very important feature of such agreements.

The main benefits of such separation agreements in Heywood are that they result in less acrimony and confusion. Generally such situations lead to heightened emotions and much bitterness and anger. If you need assistance with separation agreements, contact Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors today.  Our team of dedicated, highly trained, experienced and friendly professionals can help you make the best of the situation.