Separation Agreements in Wardle

separation agreements in WardleIf you and your spouse have decided to part ways, perhaps consider separation agreements in Wardle, especially if you haven’t decided to finalise a divorce. At Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors, we understand that dissolving a partnership can be a challenging time. We offer a professional and compassionate service to our clients. A separation agreement is a written agreement that will confirm your financial arrangements while you are separated.

For couples who aren’t yet sure whether they will get divorced in Wardle, separation agreements are useful. Regardless of whether both you and your spouse are in agreement about your separation, it is advisable to use the services of a family law solicitor to assist in drawing up the agreement. We have many years of experience in all aspects of family law, and offer a service that will meet your specific requirements.

Separation agreements in Wardle can cover a range of areas. These can include responsibility for payment of the mortgage or rent, household bills and debts, such as loans or overdrafts. It can also cover aspects such as whether maintenance is paid to support one of you and your children, as well as childcare arrangements like who the child will live with and parental access. For assistance with drawing up a settlement agreement that meets your needs, contact Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors. Ensure clarity and certainty when you use the professional services of our solicitors.