Need A Family Law Solicitor in Saddleworth



Need A Family Law Solicitor in Saddleworth? ¬†Want to deal with a legal firm that provide straightforward, honest and sound advice-without confusing you with jargon? At Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors you will find the perfect solution from a solicitor whose¬†‘no nonsense’ approach is a welcome change from the norm.

Based in Milnrow, Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors deal with many cases in the Saddleworth region. As a well-respected family law solicitor, they have the experience and knowledge to offer you a comprehensive service that meets and exceeds your requirements. Specializing in family law, they have built up a large client base, who appreciate their ‘can do ‘ attitude.

As a family law solicitor in Saddleworth, Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors deal with numerous family law cases that though varied are always afforded with the right degree of compassion and understanding. From domestic violence to divorce; child disputes to the removal of a child from the country, Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors employ a caring and professional attitude that gives the client total peace of mind.

To book an appointment, call Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors on 01706 399919.