Making A Will in Littleborough



Making A Will in Littleborough is essential whatever age you are, so you can make the right provisions for your loved ones when you die. At Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors you’ll deal with Sarah Dixon herself, an experienced solicitor whose reputation continues to rise in the area.

If you reside in Littleborough and are thinking about making a will, don’t hesitate to call Sarah Dixon. Offering a ‘free’ initial consultation, Sarah offers a comprehensive service -wills start at £100 + VAT-within a compassionate and friendly framework, which gives the client total peace of mind in the process.

Making a will in Littleborough ensures people that matter will benefit from your estate and also means that you can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that might be payable on the value of the property and money you potentially leave behind. Without a will*, your estate will be shared out by law.

* will is shared by the law on intestacy

For more information, and to arrange an appointment with Sarah, call now on 01706 399919.