Looking For A Solicitor in Todmorden



Are you Looking For A Solicitor in Todmorden? Have you been put off by expensive fees? At Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors you’ll receive a competitively priced legal service that meets and exceeds your requirements perfectly. Based in Milnrow, this renowned legal practice has been a mainstay of the surrounding community for many years; providing a first-class service that is built upon integrity and professionalism.

Todmorden residence can take advantage of the ‘personal’ touch afforded to all clients when they choose Sarah Dixon & Co as their preferred solicitors. With a proven track record for delivering tailored legal solutions, this dynamic practice ticks all the right boxes; giving the client peace of mind in the process.

As a respected solicitor in Todmorden, Sarah Dixon & Co will provide clear, concise correspondence at all times; keeping you informed of how your case is going on a daily basis. Specializing in family law, Sarah Dixon & Co have the knowledge and expertise to deal with your case in an understanding and compassionate manner that is greatly appreciated by their clients.

For more information or to book an appointment, call now on 01706 399919.