Looking For A Probate Solicitor in Rochdale



When Looking For A Probate Solicitor in Rochdale, its good to know there is a legal firm in the town whose reputation for outstanding service is second to none. With a proven track record, Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors offer competitively priced legal advice for a wide range of services that includes applying for the right to deal with a deceased person’s affairs ‘Probate’.

Rochdale based, Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors specialize in wills and probate, bringing many years’ experience together in dealing with all aspects associated with this field. Dedicated, conscientious and above all professional, they have an enviable reputation for delivering sound legal solutions that meet and succeed their clients’ expectations.

As a respected probate solicitor in Rochdale, Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors will handle your case effectively, while showing the right degree of compassion and understanding when dealing with the sensitive issue of ones’ will and estate.

Providing expert, professional advice, Sarah Dixon can also assist with an application for a ‘grant of probate’ which confirms the ‘executer’ has the authority to deal with a deceased person’s assets or a ‘grant of letters of administration when there is no will.

For more information, call Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors on 01706 399919 to book an appointment.