Hospital Visits for Wills in Milnrow

Hospital Visits for Wills in MilnrowIf your dear one is unwell and wishes to settle their affairs before it’s too late, we provide hospital visits for wills in Milnrow. Sarah Dixon Solicitors can provide assistance and advice in all aspects of making a will to ensure that the wishes of the person making the will are respected and honored after they pass away. We can provide emergency services to draw up the will on the same day across most hospitals the region. One of our trained, experienced legal staff can visit the person in hospital, or in their home, and note down their will instructions clearly and accurately. We can fast-track the documentation and prepare the will within a short period. This will give immense relief and peace of mind to the patient who may not be sure whether he or she will recover or not.

It’s important to ensure that the person who wants to make the will has sufficient mental capacity to do so. In Milnrow hospital visits for wills can be arranged before the person’s condition deteriorates to such a state that they are in coma, unconscious or does not have their full mental competence. This allows them to decide how they want their property to be distributed. Otherwise, the law will decide how their belongings are to be shared, rather than it being done according to their wishes. In many cases, people whom the deceased person would not have wanted to award anything to may inadvertently become beneficiaries, simply because they are legally entitled.

Hospital visits for wills in Milnrow ensure that a legal will is made. One of the benefits of making a will is that in case the deceased was unmarried but had a partner, the will can ensure that the partner is provided for. If the person is a divorcée, the will helps them decide whether to leave anything for their ex-spouse or not. Though the person may be able to write a will themselves, by hand, a solicitor can make sure that the legal formalities are followed to make the will valid. Contact us for more information.