Home Visits for Wills in Rochdale

Home Visits for Wills in RochdaleWe provide a service of home visits for Wills in Rochdale. We know how difficult it can be to get to a solicitors office to make a Will if you are elderly or infirm. Having a Will made at home allows you to relax while discussing your requirements.  It is often difficult for people to make a will as it acknowledges their mortality and most people do not want to contemplate their death.  It is however imperative to make a will as it saves the family from stress and altercations when the family member dies. We are all going to die at some stage as no-one lives forever and to make provision for your loved ones is the responsible thing to do.

Every adult should have a Will no matter how old. In Rochdale, home visits for Wills are one of our specialities. If you have any property or valuables you must have a plan on who will benefit from it when you pass away. This may be in years or decades and you can change it as you please. If one of the beneficiaries dies before you a new friend or family member can be made a beneficiary. Children are born and need to be considered in the will as well. Grandchildren are often made recipients of items of importance to the family.

Home visits for Wills in Rochdale are sometimes necessary. Contact Sarah Dixon Solicitors today and we will visit you to discuss your needs. Sarah Dixon has worked as a solicitor since 1996 and specialises in all aspects of family law. She is a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Accreditation Scheme. She also specialises in law for elderly people including Wills and Probate and Power of Attorney for family members who are no longer have the mental capacity to manage their own affairs. This can happen at any age due to illness or accident but is more common in elderly people.