Home Visits for Lasting Power of Attorney in Rochdale

Home Visits for Lasting Power of Attorney in RochdaleSarah Dixon Solicitors will make home visits for lasting power of attorney in Rochdale. That may seem unusual but the truth is tragedies sometimes happen with little warning. Even when there is warning of a person’s decline, the need for a trusted person to act in a legal capacity on that person’s behalf is not recognised. Ideally, everyone will seek a family attorney while young and healthy. They will prepare a will and a lasting power of attorney. Then when illness or death occurs that paperwork is in place. Those documents are protection from those who might take advantage of your declined mental state or take action against your wishes. With that in mind, if you or a loved one is homebound due to disability or age, you can still put your affairs in order. We will come to your home and draft a lasting power of attorney so someone you trust can be legally accountable for your affairs.

Some may think they don’t need an advocate because they are young, healthy and have little wealth. An accident occurs leaving you disabled. In Rochdale, home visits for lasting power of attorney may be the only way open for you to appoint a trusted person to manage your decisions. What decisions? All the decisions about who will provide medical care, where you will live, who will care for you and make sure your money is used only for your care. Maybe there are children; a lasting power of attorney will insure their care is directed by you. Age related disabilities may become more pronounced quickly. We don’t want infirmities and inconvenience to prevent you from appointing someone trustworthy to manage your care and personal property.

Home visits for lasting power of attorneys in Rochdale can make sure someone you love and trust can sell your home if needed and find a more suitable living arrangement for you. That person will write checks to cover your bills and expenses and be bound to keep an accurate accounting for other interested parties. Contact Sarah Dixon Solicitors and we will come to your home to draft a lasting power of attorney. Then, when you are at your most vulnerable, a trusted person of your choosing will protect your well-being. Some people choose their attorney as that trusted person. They remove the burden for all decisions from the family to a disinterested third party. We have had clients without close trusted family choose their attorney as well. Sarah Dixon Solicitors can fill that role if necessary.