Fixed Fee Probate in Rochdale

Fixed Fee Probate in RochdaleAvoid paying exorbitant legal fees and opt for our fixed fee probate in Rochdale services. At Sarah Dixon Solicitors, we understand that losing a loved one is a difficult time when you may need the assistance, advice and advocacy of legal professionals. We help you to manage the affairs of the deceased, whether they have left a will or not. This is important when you have to deal with the assets and liabilities that have been left behind by your loved one. You may have to deal with selling the deceased’s property, transfer their investments, liquidate their policies, make new investments for the benefit of ¬†anyone named in the will, or pay their debts. All these matters are extremely complex and we can help you deal with them.

For clients in Rochdale, fixed fee probate is offered by us as a service that helps people to complete the probate process quickly and efficiently. Recent studies have shown that every year, Britain’s top solicitors and banks rake in a massive ¬£1.25 billion in fees to sort out wills. Most of these fees are highly exorbitant and since many of these lawyers and banks are themselves executors named in the wills, the family tends to rely on them implicitly. When you consult us, we conduct an assessment of the work involved and prepare a detailed quotation based on it. This is different from the hourly rates or percentages of the estate that are charged by other firms/banks. The fees are billed only when the entire work is complete.

When you consult a legal firm like ours for fixed fee probate in Rochdale, typical services may include listing all the assets of the deceased, recover assets, having the estate professionally valued, will probation, collect information on debts and liabilities and settle them, calculate taxes including income or inheritance, make sure that assets are correctly bestowed on beneficiaries, maintain and share accounts. These services and any others you may require are listed and a detailed quote is provided. Once you’re satisfied with it, we commence our work immediately and ensure that the process is swift and smooth. Call us for more information.