Fixed Fee Probate in Rochdale ( Minimum fee £500 plus VAT and court fees)

Fixed Fee Probate in Rochdale ( Minimum fee £500 plus VAT and court fees)Sarah Dixon Solicitors tells you right up front the fixed fee probate in Rochdale is minimum fee £500 plus VAT and court fees. Unlike some solicitors, who simply keep a running account and then present you with a bill. Clients may not have a clue what the final cost will be. Sometimes clients feel uncomfortable asking how much the solicitor charges. At Sarah Dixon Solicitors, we take a refreshing approach to doing business. We will tell you what our fees are so you are not left wondering. Every person should have a will in place. Upon your death your heirs need clear instructions on how to distribute your estate. Probating your estate will be less complicated if you leave a will.

Depending on the size of the estate, probating a will can take six to nine months. In Rochdale, fixed fee probate minimum fee £500 plus VAT and court fees is very reasonable. On average, a solicitor will work as much as 80 hours probating a will and that’s if everything goes well. Not everyone keeps clear and accurate financial records. If the deceased was such a person it can take more time just to value the estate. Assets pop up that were never mentioned in the will. A will can be tied up in probate indefinitely if contested. All of this is trying and confusing for a grieving family member. At Sarah Dixon Solicitors, we know the legal landscape that must be covered to complete probate.

We have a fixed fee probate in Rochdale, minimum fee £500 plus VAT and court fees. We will come alongside you to complete the myriad of documents, secure life insurance, pay last expenses and sell off and distribute assets. When minor children are beneficiaries of the estate, you may need to arrange for funds to be invested on their behalf. Call us at Sarah Dixon Solicitors for fixed fee probate. We can shield you with careful documentation of each step in the process. At completion, you can feel confident that the wishes of the deceased were carried out to the letter of the will. No will? We can walk you through that process as well.