Fixed Fee Probate in Rochdale

Fixed Fee Probate in RochdaleOur fixed fee probate in Rochdale at Sarah Dixon Solicitors is designed to make your responsibility as estate administer simple and trouble free. If the deceased has a will, probate is easier but if not and you need a Grant of Letters from the court, we can arrange that for you. The job of estate administer is tallying and disbursement. You will need access to the deceased’s finances, assets and debts. From those finances and assets you will pay final expenses, outstanding debts and disperse the balance to heirs according to the will or according to the law if there is no will.

If the deceased has few assets and little or nothing after expenses then probate is simple and straightforward. For estate settlement in Rochdale, fixed fee probate at Sarah Dixon Solicitors means the meter isn’t running because of delays in settlement. A sizable estate including investments and real estate may be complex. Either way, our cost at Sarah Dixon Solicitors is one flat fee.  As estate administrator, you may receive a fee for services. It is important to keep complete and accurate records of all assets and expenses. Any disputes that arise after the fact can be quickly dispensed when you have solid proof of assets and liabilities. As your solicitor, we guide this process and approve costs.

Our fixed fee probate in Rochdale is part of the final expenses of the deceased. Therefore, as administrator, you would pay the fee from estate accounts. At no time would you be obligated to cover costs from your own personal accounts. There are procedures to follow, forms to file and records to keep. Contact Sarah Dixon Solicitors and let us walk you through this necessary legal process. Often the estate administer is a close family member of the deceased and mourning their loss. When emotions are overwhelmed, it’s difficult to process the myriad of details associated with probate. We are a compassionate and understanding firm.