Fixed fee probate in Littleborough (minimum fee £500 plus VAT and court fees)

Fixed fee probate in Littleborough (minimum fee £500 plus VAT and court fees)Do you need a Fixed fee probate in Littleborough (minimum fee £500 plus VAT and court fees)? Do you need assistance in understanding the complexities of probate? When a person passes away, his or her assets must be collected and the estate needs to be administered. The executor of the will must apply the Probate Registry to the estate in order to obtain a Grant of Probate. If there was no will, the probate registry will provide a Grant of Letters. In both documents, the net and gross value of the estate will be stated, including the name of the person who will administer the estate.  If it’s a Grant of Probate, the Executor’s name will be indicated. For a Grant of Representation, the person who will be administering the estate also called the Administrators, will be stated. Where can you seek assistance with setting up a probate?

For people requiring assistance with this matter in Littleborough, a fixed fee probate (minimum fee £500 plus VAT and court fees) is offered by Sarah Dixon Solicitors. The process of probate is time consuming, involving the completion of many forms as well as legal and correspondence steps. At Sarah Dixon Solicitors we take care of the probate processes for you. A majority of solicitors charge an hourly rate and a portion of the estate, but we only charge a fixed fee probate. This is our specialty. At the start of the process, our team will provide you a fee quote for the cost of the entire probate. How do you benefit from using our fixed fee probate services? Apart from saving time and  money, you don’t have to appear for an interview at the probate registry. We also complete inheritance tax forms on small estates on your behalf. In addition if there are multiple beneficiaries, a solicitor acts like an impartial professional in administering the estate.

For assistance with fixed fee probate in Littleborough (minimum fee £500 plus VAT and court fees), get in touch with the most capable solicitors in town. Give Sarah Dixon Solicitors a call today. We will complete the probate process with little inconvenience to you.