Find A Divorce Solicitor in Littleborough


When you want to¬†Find A Divorce Solicitor in Littleborough its good to know the name of Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors will be prominent when you search. Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors have a proven track records for meeting their clients’ expectations through sound legal advice that is delivered in a friendly professional manner.

Littleborough is just one of the areas Milnrow based Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors cover. A small yet dynamic practice, the feeling of a ‘bespoke’ service is never truer when you walk through the door. Sarah Dixon has a wealth of experience as a divorce solicitor which has seen her reputation enhance year on year.

Specialising as a divorce solicitor in Littleborough, Sarah Dixon shows the right amount of compassion and understanding regarding every case she undertakes.  Divorce does not only affect the parties involved but if children are involved it can be particularly unsettling.

With a caring attitude Sarah Dixon will put you at ease, ensuring the whole process runs smoothly towards a successful conclusion for all parties.