Experienced Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitor in Newhey Can Assist

Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitor in Newhey When you need to create a lasting power of attorney solicitor in Newhey, Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors are available to assist. We have the experience and expertise to help you to create and, when necessary, register the Power of Attorney in an as simple and stress-free way as possible. Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint a trusted person to deal with your affairs on your behalf should it happen that you are unable to. This provides you with more control if circumstances dictate that you are left with the lack of mental capacity to make the decisions on your own.

For our clients in Newhey, lasting power of attorney can be done with Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors. We also believe that it is worth planning ahead now. If, in the future, you become unable to manage your affairs, you will have someone you trust who can assist and ensure that you are properly looked after at this difficult time. This can provide peace of mind. We offer a friendly, individual service, specific to your particular needs.

If you are looking for a lasting power of attorney solicitor in Newhey, contact Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors. Our team has the right measure of understanding of your situation, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your specific needs.  You’ll find that our fees are competitive. You’ll also find that we deliver a high standard of service at all times. We aim to provide an exceptional service that is regarded as excellent value for money.