Do You Require A Family Law Solicitor In Rochdale


Do You Require A Family Law Solicitor In Rochdale?¬†At Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors you’ll receive a first rate service that is built on efficiency, value for money and professionalism. Its good to know you can rely on a specialist in family law-like Sarah Dixon-to deliver the perfect legal solution for your needs, giving you peace of mind in the process.

Based in Milnrow, Rochdale, Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors have built up an enviable reputation as a family law solicitor who put their clients first every time. Displaying a dedication and attention to detail that is unrivaled, Sarah Dixon offer straight ‘no nonsense’ legal advice that is a refreshing change from the jargon busting rhetoric some legal firms employ!

As a family law solicitor in Rochdale, Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors deal with all aspects of family law- divorce, separation agreements, domestic violence injunctions, civil partnership law and so on-all within a professional, caring and friendly framework.

An emotive area of law, Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors family law department demonstrate the right degree of compassion and understanding with every case they undertake.

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