Divorce Solicitor in Milnrow

Divorce Solicitor in MilnrowHow to seek a divorce solicitor in Milnrow? It’s likely not something with which you have previous experience. No doubt you know plenty of people who do have experience with divorce but their experience is not your experience. The good news is the divorce rate has been steadily decreasing for several years. The bad news is there are still about 100,000 couples each year who seek dissolution of marriage. One reason the divorce rate is declining is because couples are choosing to live together without the commitment of marriage. You made a good faith commitment to marriage with the expectation it would last your lifetime. Life happens and now along with one hundred thousand other couples you seek a divorce.

Divorce is not a step to be taken lightly or without professional legal representation to protect your interests.  When you begin the process of dismantling what has been the core of your life in Milnrow, a divorce solicitor by your side will affect the final outcome. Sarah Dixon Solicitors does not offer the high powered impersonal assembly line version of family law. Sarah Dixon presents quite a contrast to those law firms. She will want to hear your story from you, not read it from a brief prepared by a clerk. During your divorce consultation, Sarah Dixon will glean what expectations you have. From her you will come to understand all the possibilities available to you.

Sarah Dixon, divorce solicitor in Milnrow, has a wealth of invaluable experience in family law and is well versed and up to date with divorce laws. She also understands it is all new to you and is careful to be available to keep you informed. When you first sense you may be headed for divorce, contact Sarah Dixon Solicitors. This initial consultation will answer many questions for you about divorce proceedings and what you may expect. We do not assume the role of judge for either party in a divorce proceeding. Our job is to make sure you, our client, is given a voice and is treated fairly and justly. We endeavour to limit the drama and emotionalism that can cloud clear thinking during divorce while still seeing that our clients walk away satisfied with the outcome.