Court of Protection in Rochdale

Court of Protection in RochdaleA Court of Protection in Rochdale may be necessary if a family member is unable to manage her or his own affairs. Should this be happening in your family and your relative has not yet appointed an attorney under Lasting Power of Attorney or an Enduring Power of Attorney, it will become necessary to apply to the Court of Protection. Court of Protection will appoint a deputy to act in the interests of your relative who is unable to do it himself.

If you need assistance, speak to Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors. In Rochdale, Court of Protection services can play a large role in easing the burden of caring for your family member. Bearing in mind both the practical and the financial position, it can be less complicated for the relative and also the family to apply to the Court of Protection. As we are leading experts in family law, we will be happy to assist with applying to the Court of Protection. Sarah Dixon herself manages Court of Protection cases, and will provide the highest standard of service and care.

If you need an application to the Court of Protection in Rochdale, it is prudent to use the services of a solicitor who is both empathetic and understanding of the challenges of the situation. Contact Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors today if you need assistance.   We will guide you through the process with sound advice and expertise.