Court of Protection in Milnrow

Court of Protection in MilnrowSpeak to Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors regarding a court of protection in Milnrow if a family member is no longer able to deal with her own affairs and does not have a lasting power of attorney in place. This is necessary to authorise the appointment of a ‘deputy’ to oversee your family member’s estate. If your relative has not been appointed an attorney, it is then necessary to apply for a Court of Protection. This will enable the attorney to act on behalf of your family member.

Dealing with the management of finances and other affairs in Milnrow, a court of protection will give you and other family members’ peace of mind. A court of protection will ensure that your relative’s finances will be managed correctly and effectively, and will remove this burden from you and your family. By using our services, you will have the added advantage of dealing with Sarah Dixon herself, who has many years’ experience in the legal profession.

Contact Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors today to schedule a meeting to discuss an application to the court of protection in Milnrow, which Sarah Dixon will assist with.  We are pleased to offer a comprehensive and competitively priced service, tailored to your specific needs.