Court of Protection in Littleborough

Court of Protection in LittleboroughA Court of Protection in Littleborough may be needed if a loved one has lost the ability to handle their own affairs. In this modern age, people are living longer and many families are struggling with a loved elderly relative has lost mental capacity and can no longer manage their own personal affairs. When this happens and the person has not yet appointed an attorney under Lasting Power of Attorney or an Enduring Power of Attorney, it becomes necessary to apply to the Court of Protection. Court of Protection will appoint a deputy to act in the interests of the person who has lost capacity.

Watching a loved one age and lose mental capacity can be tough. In Littleborough, Court of Protection services can help ease the burden. A deputy can assist with decisions regarding property sales, bill payments, benefit claims, treatment consent, and day to day care. From both a practical and financial standpoint, it can be much easier on the loved one as well as family and friends to apply to the Court of Protection. Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors are leading experts in family law and can assist with applying to the Court of Protection. Sarah Dixon herself manages Court of Protection cases, offering the highest standard of service and care.

When it comes to applications to the Court of Protection in Littleborough, a solicitor who is sensitive and compassionate to the challenges of the situation is required. Contact Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors for solicitors who care about the wellbeing of all involved, not just about the outcome of the case. We will guide you through the process with advice and expertise.