Wills & Probate

We recommend that every adult gives serious consideration as to how their assets will be dealt with following their death. If you do not make a Will the law will dictate how your assets should be distributed. This may not necessarily be what you want. If you are married or in civil Partnership your partner or spouse may not inherit all your estate if you do not make a Will.

In making a Will you can:

  • Prevent family disputes
  • Provide for a partner if you are not legally married or in a civil partnership
  • Reduce or avoid inheritance tax
  • Appoint Guardians for your children
  • Ensure the people that matter to you benefit from your estate.

We will provide advice at that meeting in relation to your Will and possibly suggest steps which you to take to protect your assets in the future, for example by minimising any inheritance tax or by reducing any potential liability to the local authority seeking payment in relation to residential accommodation.

Our charges for a Will start at £125 + VAT

For mirror Wills (i.e. two wills in essentially the same terms and often used by couples when leaving property to each other and then to children) – £200 + VAT

Probate and Estate Administration

At Sarah Dixon & Co we understand that, following the death of a loved one, you may need a professional to assist you in managing their affairs.

We appreciate what a stressful time this is and aim to provide a professional and caring service at a very difficult time.

If there is a Will you may need to apply for a Grant of Probate in order to handle the deceased’s assets. If there is no Will you may need to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration, which will then enable you to handle the deceased’s assets.

You may need to:

  1. Sell the deceased’s home
  2. Transfer shares or investments
  3. Surrender bonds and savings policies
  4. Invest money on behalf of children
  5. Pay off the deceased’s debts

We can help and advise you through the process and fixed fees can be agreed.

For more details of our charges, or for further information about that which is involved, please follow the links in the “Costs and Services” section to the (right/below).