Cohabitee Agreements in Newhey

Cohabitee Agreements in NewheyAs unmarried couples have fewer rights than married couples, it is sensible to consider cohabitee agreements in Newhey. As specialists in all aspects of family law, we can assist you prepare a legally binding agreement that will protect each partner, should either decide to end the relationship. Cohabitation agreements are legally binding contracts, provided that they are drafted and executed properly. Our experts are happy to assist you with advice and with preparing your agreement.

For couples in Newhey, cohabitee agreements can be prepared at any time, either before you move in with a partner or when you have been living together for many years. It is an important, if not necessary, agreement to have in place as it can set out how you and your partner share finances while living together or what happens if one becomes ill, dies or if the relationship ends.

When you need advice regarding cohabitee agreements in Newhey, we offer clear, concise legal guidance that is delivered in a friendly, professional manner. Our legal practice has a proven track record for delivering the right results, and will give you a high standard of service at really competitive prices. For advice and assistance with cohabitee agreements, contact Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors today. At Sarah Dixon Solicitors you will find us to be caring and empathetic, while guiding you in the process of setting up your agreement.